• Fuse board replacement Post

Fuse Board Replacement


All you need to know about the associated costs and what to expect when replacing a fusebox with a consumer unit. Thinking of upgrading your fuse board? For

Fuse Board Replacement2020-08-29T09:11:41+01:00
  • EICR Report Post

EICR Report


All you need to know about EICR Reports and what to expect. An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is produced when periodic electrical inspection & testing is carried out to

EICR Report2020-08-28T15:07:18+01:00
  • Blown Fuse

Fuse keeps blowing


No Electric? We can help. What to do if the same fuse keeps blowing on an electrical circuit. We have compiled a quick how-to guide which explains the

Fuse keeps blowing2020-08-29T09:12:38+01:00
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